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  Health Dept Style Inspection Audit

Retail food establishments must comply with city, county, and state sanitation laws to stay in operation. The health department overseeing an establishment usually has the power to levy fines or close any operation that serves unsafe food or has numerous, documented code violations.
Therefore, for everyone’s protection, we must keep in mind that training and maintenance is an ongoing process. And a well-designed follow up program is the best re enforcement to the training and certification program already in place.
Retail food establishments should continue doing their own self-inspections and monitoring procedures to test how well the control measures are working. If corrective actions occur frequently, some employees may need to be retrained.
Employees must be made aware that a food safety program is a day-to-day priority and not something to set up for inspections and then ignore.
FoodSafetyConsultants understands that time and resources are a problem for many retail food establishments.
For that reason two programs are available to address that problem:
Food Safety Program/Operational Audits
Complete analysis of your operation focusing on health department compliance and program management. Our inspection team works right along with your kitchen and front line personnel. This program will prepare your establishment for inspections and upgrade your operation, keeping you on the cutting edge of food safety.
Recommendations are made and a full report is made.
Food Safety Inspection Audits
"Health Department Style" inspections. Designed to be more thorough than the health department, these inspections will insure that the program works and your employees are kept current on DHS regulations and trends in food safety.
Again our inspection team works along side your personnel. Food Safety violations are noted, explained, and a full report is made. This will be the most valuable tool in your program.
Mystery Shopper Program
A staff member, not known to anyone in the establishment, will visit a location during business hours, have a meal and score for cleanliness, violations or refraction’s in the front of the room and the restrooms. If an establishment feels this is not important, it must be remembered that perception of food safety by a customer is important if we want a repeat customer.
A Complete & Documented Health Dept. Style Food Safety Audit 
Certification offered thru - ServSafe Certified Instructors
          The purpose of this inspection is to: 
  • Evaluate whether you are meeting minimum sanitation and food safety standards. 
  • Provide information to insure that food is safe, uncontaminated, and presented properly  
  • Provide you with new food safety information
  • You will receive a written report, noting deficiencies, so you can be brought into compliance 
  • Prepare a Food Safety Evaluation Checklist 
  • Your cost is only $129.00 - FREE if you are not completely satisfied 
  • Included is an evaluation of your current pest control company.  Are you being ripped off? 
  • Call Today 24/7 - It's Fast - It's Easy 
  • Local, County, State & Nationally Approved - ServSafe Certification - Food Worker I.D. Cards  
Please click on CONTACT US to get started.

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