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Start your own Food Safety Consultation Franchise and enjoy very little competition

According to the National Restaurant Association

  • Almost half of all adults (46 percent) were restaurant patrons on a typical day during 1998
  • Almost 50 billion meals are eaten in restaurants, schools, and work cafeterias each year
  • On a typical day in 2000, the restaurant industry will post sales in excess of $1 billion.
  • The restaurant industry employs 11 million people, making it the nation’s largest employer outside of government.
  • The restaurant industry is an important employer of new workers, providing employment opportunities for persons who are relatively inexperienced or unskilled.
  • Nearly three out of four quickservice (fast food) operators have recently hired an employee who was a former welfare recipient.

Restaurant industry 2010 projections:

    1. $577 billion in restaurant-industry sales
    2. More than 1 million food establishments
    3. 53 per cent of the food dollar will be spent away from home

These are staggering statistics to say the least and some believe can be a logistics nightmare; especially when it comes to food safety. When asked to name what is the most significant challenge a restaurant operator is likely to face, most operators cite finding qualified and motivated employees. The same question asked of a patron elicits a response of "the quality of the food…is it good and is it safe"

More and more Americans are becoming concerned with food safety.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Foodborne illness in the United States is a major cause of personal distress, preventable death, and avoidable economic burden.
  • More than 250 foodborne diseases have been described.
  • In 1994, the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology estimated 6.5 to 33 million people became ill from microorganisms in food.
  • All persons, infants, elderly, and the immuno compromised are at greatest risk of serious illness and death.
  • Overall incidence of reported outbreaks has not changed, but proportion caused by fruits and vegetables has been increasing.
  • Resistance of foodborne pathogens to antimicrobial agents is increasing.
  • The annual cost of foodborne illness in terms of pain and suffering, reduced productivity, and medical costs is estimated to be between $10 and $83 billion.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention foodborne outbreaks caused by mishandling of food usually occurred because of mishandling in the retail segment of the food industry. This includes restaurants, markets, schools, churches, camps institutions, and vending locations where ready-to-eat food is prepared and provided to the public for consumption (FDA food Code, Preface, i )
  • The increase of Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7, and Hepatitis A is a major concern to Health Officials.

Now consider this:

In LA County’s own words, the jurisdiction area of Environmental Health (the Health Dept) is very large.

It includes Los Angeles County, its unincorporated areas, and 85 contract cities for a total population of over 9 million people and over 4,000 square miles, including San Clemente island and Santa Catalina island.

And the county covers all this area with a total of 237 health inspectors.

There is further need for concern when you consider LA County is the only local health agency that has instituted this grading program. The rest of the sate of California is a hodge podge of programs from San Diego to Yreca.

So what is the answer?

There are many. But the simplest, with the greatest impact, that can be accomplished in the shortest period of time is ……TRAINING.

Without passing a single new law or hiring any additional government inspectors, foodborne illness could be reduced substantially if food establishments made it a priority to train their people in the proper safe food handling and preparation procedures.

There is no escape; no excuse. Food establishments must lead the way in the education and training of key personnel. The investment of time and money spent will result in a phenomenal return for everyone.

And this is where the Food Safety Specialist Consultant comes in. Become a Certified Professional Food Manager (CPFM)

As a CPFM you provide the solution and make a handsome Income at the same time…..especially if you can provide Hispanic or Asian training

Have you ever considered owning a franchise but felt that everyone and their brother already owned the one you wanted, or that it cost an arm and a leg just to open for business?

If so, FoodSafetyConsultants (FSC) and its affiliate company can provide you with a total turnkey franchise development & consulting package that:

  • Enjoy very little competition
  • Doesn’t cost an arm & a leg to start up.
  • Take advantage of our "Pay as You Grow and Develope Program®."
  • Can be started part time until you feel comfortable and can support yourself
  • Enjoy working in the Foodservice business alongside top chefs in the restaurant, hotel, country club, etc., industries; any establishment that serves prepared food or drink.
  • Work from your office at Home.

FSC offers a broad range of services to assist with your franchising start-up. I will help you determine which services are necessary and which are optional in order to effectively develop, launch and start your franchise opportunity.

I will teach You how to train and test food service professionals in safe food handling

My services include:

Franchise Development Services

  • Initial Evaluations, Validations & System Assessments
  • Franchise Legal Documentation
  • City, County, State & Federal Filings & Registration
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC)
  • Franchise Operations, Marketing, Sales & Training Manuals
  • Franchise Sales Brochures
  • Franchise Sales & Training Videos
  • Website Design & Implementation
  • Trademarks

Business Consulting Services

  • Franchise Consulting, Implementation & Business Services
  • Franchise Model Development
  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Planning for Franchise Growth
  • Franchise Sales Training

Franchise Sales System Services

  • Outsourced Franchise Sales & Marketing
  • Lead Generation Services
  • Franchise Sales & Brokerage through our Extensive National Brokers Network

For more information on franchising, please read Advantages of Franchising and 12 Criteria of Franchisability

For further information, schedule a free consultation with one of our Senior Consultants.

Get started today, give us a call at 714.329.8747 or Request Information

Why Buy A Franchise

  1. You're buying into an idea that's already proven to be successful. The groundwork has been laid, the initial hurdles have been cleared, and the business has proven its validity. While future success isn't a guarantee, the critical start-up stage of the company has not only been conquered, but the business has succeeded to the point of being able to branch out into franchises.
  2. The management of the business has already been formulated. The need to make critical business decisions isn't an issue that franchise owners often experience. From product selection to marketing, the choices have already been made. It's simply up to the franchise owner to carry out the day-to-day business operations.
  3. The support network is already in place. You're not "in it alone" when you're dealing with a franchise that offers critical training and guidance. If you have a question, the franchise company is often just a quick telephone call away. It's simply in the best interest of the franchise company to ensure that its franchisees receive the support that they require to remain in business. That equates to having more time to focus on keeping the business operating smoothly.
  4. Your chances at receiving business financing are greatly improved. While it's true that franchises potentially require a greater initial investment (not at FSC), financial lenders are generally more comfortable bankrolling an idea that's already been proven. The franchise company will also often assist you in the potentially overwhelming process of financing your business dream
  5. Franchises are less likely to fail compared to other small businesses. According to statistics published by both the United States Small Business Administration and the United States Department of Commerce, success rates for franchises are significantly higher than non-franchised businesses. For more information on this see Franchise Facts & Statistics

The (FSC) Advantage

Foodborne illness is a disease that is carried or transmitted by food. According to the FDA, from 9000 – 16,000 deaths and up to 81 million illnesses in the US each year are caused by foodborne disease.

With an annual potential of over 6 million food service personnel in southern California alone (translated into an estimated $4.7 billion in fees) the food safety business is booming.

And now, you can profit from that boom by teaming up with – one of the most respected names in the in the food service industry.

About Us is a family-owned company founded in 1997 by myself, a longtime Certified Food Professional Manager. A member of the Food Safety Council of Southern California and co-author of the book "How to Market a Food Safey Business."

The philosophy that I built for
FSC is simple: to deliver fast, fair and balanced service that our customers can rely on with confidence, and to build a team of business owners who strive together toward the common goal of success and professional integrity.

I’ve become one of the fastest growing companies in the country, based on my dedication to quality, honesty and professionalism.

My tremendous growth has allowed me to offer franchise opportunities to people like you; like-minded professionals that want to take advantage of the booming food service industry, but also to know that they’re teaming up with a proven industry professional . The
FSC team prides itself on standing behind its program – day in and day out – providing the training, logistical & marketing support they need to successfully grow their businesses without limit.

Dedicated Support Team

When you become an
FSC business owner, you gain instant, around-the-clock access to our base of information – all of which works to develop and grow your business.

We also save you time, money and effort by providing professional marketing materials like brochures, postcards, and self-mailers, your own web site coupled with a solid marketing plan, so – once again –you can concentrate on training and inspections, and not operational headaches.

In addition, I also provide live online and telephone support anytime it’s needed, in case you have a question, a problem, or just need a little added guidance in any particular area.

What Makes FSC The Best?

By teaming up with FSC, you’ll be able to take control of your future by offering your customers a myriad of features, benefits and added value that other companies simply cannot match, including:

  • NEW & STREAMLINED COURSES - Fast Turn-Around - 72 Hours If Needed
  • We take the hassle & stress off your back & handle everything
  • Good For 3 Years In California – 5 Years everywhere else. We specialize in Re-Certification
  • Your Place Or Ours - We'll come to your location for training & testing
  • One on One Instruction Available or Classroom - NEW LOW PRICES
  • You or your employees don't have to sit in a Hotel classroom for 8 hours
  • Or File for Future Reference when the Health Dept Comes Calling
  • GROUP RATES AVAILABLE - Call Today 24/7 - It's Fast - It's Easy
  • Local, County, State & Nationally Approved - ServSafe Certificate Issued - Food Worker I.D. Cards
  • Training available in Spanish

These features assure the customer that you are competent and your services are backed by
ServSafe® part of the National Restaurant Association.

In a nutshell, most companies focus simply on price, whereas I focus on quality and benefits – and that keeps customers coming back, year in, year out and puts more profits in our in our franchisees’ pocket.

Vast Customer Base

As a FSC Food Safety Speicialist, you’ll be getting about 95% of your business directly from your local food service establishments, who – once they get to know you – will refer customers directly to you on an ongoing basis. In fact, once you’ve earned their trust, chances are you’ll be the only specialist they’ll ever use.

The other 5% of your business will come from responses to the advertising and marketing program I provide to you, and of course, word of mouth once you begin to build your customer base.

One of the great things about the food safety business is that it truly builds upon itself with every service you perform. You’ll find that by simply leaving your business cards behind at customers’ businesses, they’ll refer you to their friends, colleagues and co-workers like clockwork, much in the same way they refer quality plumbers, painters and electricians. And when you consider that over 6 million Americans move in and out of the food service business each year, you can imagine the number of new client opportunities you’ll have every day. Your customer base is always fresh, and it’s virtually unlimited.

Strategic Marketing Support

FSC provides its business owners with a fully-scripted, strategic sales approach to maintain an effective, consistent message across all their marketing efforts.

Regardless of your past experience in marketing, we have the expertise to help you achieve success, virtually from day one. And you don’t pay anything extra to have us at your disposal. We serve as a full-time extension of your operational and marketing team.

Normally, a full-fledged marketing program for any company would cost thousands of dollars to develop and produce. But our program is included, and it’s yours to use from day one.

In addition to printed marketing materials we also provide business leads through what’s known as a predictive dialing telemarketing program. This service provides announcements directly to your exclusive territory each quarter during the first year to help you get off to a fast start.

State-of-the-Art Training System

My System is by far the best the industry has to offer. My proprietary system was personally developed after studying dozens of the others and combining the best, most useful features of each into the patented
FSC program. And because it’s based in a Microsoft Word platform, it’s very fast and easy to use

What the positive information in our reports does is add intrinsic value to your business, giving the prospective customer yet another incentive to close the deal. That makes the customer happy. And maybe most importantly, it makes you happy.

That’s why customers quickly come to appreciate the neat, organized and balanced format of our service, and one of the main reasons why you’ll be so successful in securing their repeat business. The customer knows the system is fair, honest and objective – and they know you’re looking out for everyone’s best interest with every service you make.

And along with Food Manager Certification you can add additional services for additional income and explode your business such as:

  • Food Safety
  • Alcohol Compliance
  • Front of House Training
  • Health Dept Style Audit Services
  • Food Safety For Seniors Presentation Road Show
  • Offer New 21st century Hand Sanitizer Product
  • Offer New Environmental Friendly Pest Spray

The Industry’s Best Training

FSC’s winning training program is conducted under the auspices of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, ServSafe® International Training Program, recognized worldwide as the most respected and accepted.

The program is overseen by myself, a licensed professional, author and national TV guest expert.

The training begins with an online course that prepares you for the most complete food safety examination in the country. Following the online course, we’ll bring you in to Brea, Calif. where
FSC will provide you with a comprehensive field-training course.

The basic, 20-hour field training curriculum runs on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and consists of basic introductory food safety training. It gives you an overall understanding of the food safety process, and earns you Certified Professional Food Manager – or "CPFM" – designation to use behind your name, much like a doctor uses M.D., or a dentist uses D.D.S once you pass the national exam. This is real-life, hands-on training that will teach you about entire process, inside and outside, top to bottom.

Again, the course covers every aspect of food safety and components, including exclusive training on spotting potential problems before they occur. That’s something no one else offers, and it will give you a distinctive professional edge in the field.

Then, to apply what you’ve learned in class, your final field exam will include a real inspection at a on-site property, including preparing a full-blown report.

FSC also offers optional continuous training that includes class instruction training as well. This training not required, but is available during your visit, should you decide you’d like to take advantage of it. During the advanced training, you’ll also receive alcohol compliance certification as well as (ACM) Alcohol Compliance Manager certification that allows you the use of the trademarked designations ACM for use behind your name once you pass the national exam.

Earning Potential

The food safety business is among the most secure corners of the franchise industry.

More and more people are eating out because of time constraints with home and family and with both parents working to make ends meet. The restaurant and hospitality industry is strong, and people are relying more and more on highly trained food safety professionals to help them make their training decisions. The fact is that virtually every food establishment must have food safety certification performed on it. That makes for a virtually limitless customer base.

Now, while federal law prohibits giving out earning projections for any franchise opportunity, we can tell you how to accurately gauge your earning potential in the food safety business.

Also keep in mind that what you get out of your own business is what you put into it. If you’ve the entrepreneurial drive that other owners have, we believe that, like our other franchisees, you’ll be extremely successful.

Franchise Investment & Benefits

FSC initial investment ranges between $17,900 to $33,000 ­ significantly lower than many franchises, and I offer a whole lot more.

No overhead because you will work out of your high tech home office and web site which means no brick & mortar building to pay rent.

You will conduct your high tech business with your sample case, laptop, cell phone, fax machine and automobile. Talk about lean and mean. What conventional old-fashioned business can compete with you.

No employees. The people you hire will be independent contractors.

None of the overhead expenses involved with a customary brick & mortar franchise

The total, turnkey FSC franchise package includes:

Your own exclusive development program – that’s as big or bigger than most others.

A comprehensive training and certification program – a $3000 value on its own.

Your own, state-of-the-art laptop computer – pre-loaded with FSC food safety management system AND the complete training software. Along with a projector to use with your laptop for presentations and training.

Your own custom-designed web page to help you get top exposure in your market.

An array of food safety tools and supplies, laser thermometer, foundation level survey equipment and more.

Uniforms, vehicle magnets, patches, business cards and other materials to establish your business.

One year’s membership in NRA (National Restaurant Association (a $275.00 value), one of the most respected trade organization in the industry.

A complete arsenal of marketing materials, including a strategic print, e-mail and telemarketing program targeted to your local establishments.

Complete marketing support.

A full set of food safety guides, reference manuals, business forms and all software licenses.

Toll-free phone and online support anytime you need it.

All told, my package amounts to a TOTAL, TURNKEY system that sets you up to run your own successful Food Safety business virtually from day one. And there are NO hidden franchise fees and NO surprises.

A Word About Royalty Fees

Most franchise companies charge what’s known as a "royalty fee" based on their franchisees’ monthly sales; i.e. the more their franchisees earn, the more the franchisers take off the top.

FSC, I do things differently, offering our franchisees a simple, flat fee royalty system that eliminates quotas and lets you concentrate on building your business instead of bookkeeping.

I’ve seen what a stumbling block that escalating royalty structures can be, and I’ve nipped the problem right in the bud. My fee is a flat $125 per week. That’s exactly what our inspectors earn for only one student. And don’t forget –that $125 fee comes with complete support, anytime you need it.

Taking The Next Step

Since 1997,
FSC has taken great pride in becoming the most innovative and respected food safety company in the nation – bar none. I exercise exceptional care when interviewing franchise candidates. After all, these are partnerships designed to last a lifetime.

Once I do award a franchise, I follow through on a truly dedicated partnership basis – providing my business owners with the experience, support and professional insight necessary to become successful.

I appreciate your interest in an
FSC business ownership opportunity, and look forward to teaming up with you.

Ready to get started with your new career? Contact me today!

PLEASE NOTE: This website-advertisement is not an offering or franchise offering, nor is it directed to any person in any state. Persons submitting an information request form are under no obligation. This form is simply a request for more information.

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