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We will bring a slide show to your organization, club, church, senior center, etc - Read on for more info
78 Million
..That's the number all of us are watching
78 million is the number of baby boomers who are in or approaching retirement. That's the biggest demographic bulge in U.S. history, fully 26% of the population.
  Beginning January 1st, 2006, thousands of the seventy-five million American baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 will start to celebrate their 60th birthday every day from now on
The graying of the United States, which is occurring as well in other industrial nations, constitutes a demographic revolution and presents the most critical public policy issues of our times.
While many experts, popular pundits and the press have made predictions about how the aging of the baby boomers will affect the United States, in actuality, no one really knows with any certainty what will happen. What is clear is that the policy implications and ramifications are unprecedented in history.
America’s graying will transform politics, retirement systems, but the most important will be your health. It will force a re-thinking of social mores and prejudices, from issues of age/gender discrimination in the job market to end-of-life care.
Whether that transformation is positive or negative will depend on planning and preparation that must begin today. To prepare yourself for a long and better life, you must start now to develop a radically new vision which transcends outdated policies regarding your health. Now is the time to encourage "out of the box" thinking, when it comes to

 Food Safety.

As we mature, our bodies undergo changes that affect the immune system and  the gastrointestinal tract. These changes make seniors more at-risk for developing foodborne illness and, once ill, it can take them longer to recover.
Source: Adapted from the Food and Drug Administration,

Immune System

As we age, the ability of the immune system to fight disease and preserve health decreases. In addition, the ability to fight off infections after surgery or injury decreases.

Gastrointestinal Tract
As we age, inflammation of the lining of the stomach and a decrease in stomach acid occur. These changes increase the likelihood of infection if a pathogen is ingested with food or water.
Also, the digestive process slows, allowing for the rapid growth of pathogens in the gut and the possible formation of toxins.

Food Safety For Seniors Program

We will bring a slide show to your organization, club, church, senior center, etc. and cover the following topics and more in a 2 hour presentation along with a question and answer session

1. Regular physical activity and good nutrition
2. How it affects your immune system
3. Knowledge of safe food handling will help you                 
    stay healthy.
4. Symptoms of Foodborne Illness
5. What to look for when you dine out
6. Food Safety tips when you dine at home

For more information or reserve a program date please go to contact page


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