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1. Saving Time & Money

You don't have to sit in a boring hotel classroom miles away from your place of business for 8 hours and waste your time...or your hard earned money.  And furthermore we guarantee: You Will Still Pass Your Test The First Time  This eBook will explain Why & How?

Here's Why:  The State Law says you don't have to take a class

Here's How?:  We'll show you how easy it is with our eBook

What we have found is that the majority of people we talk to don't want to attend an 8 hour class for a variety of good reasons.  And we're here to say you don't have to. If all you want to do is take the test, and passing the test is the only thing that matters, many State laws (Including Calif) allow you to by pass this process.  

And furthermore, did you know that our State law allows you to take what's called a "Challenge Test".  You can by pass all the time consuming classes, the money grabbing organizations, walk into a testing center and take the test. With our eBook that's exactly what you will do, walk right in and pass the test.

What you'll discover in this eBook course will free you from the burden of going to school and wasting your time and money - A Fast Track to Passing The Test

Disclaimer: Of course we don't want to discourage those people who want to take a class and feel it's the only way to receive Food Handler Certification.  By all means attend a class.  And feel free to contact us because we also offer classes.  For further information go to Contact Us 

And remember, this eBook will still give you an edge in passing the test.  We wiil also credit the $19 you spent for this eBook when you take the class or take the test with us. And furthermore we guarantee you will pass the test the first time by taking the test through us.

Is your time & money important to you? If it is Click Here To Order Your eBook     

Need more convincing?...


You're Wasting Your Time & Money- Take The Fast Track To Your Certification


What The Law Says

The California Health and Safety Code section 113716 (a) 2 says the following regarding

 "food safety certification examinations, the Legislature finds and declares that the certification required by this section may impose hardship on the owners and operators of smaller food facilities and, therefore to the extent that a person who is seeking certification pursuant to this section….in order to successfully pass… this training shall be designed and provided in as flexible a manner as possible. To that end the Legislature further finds and declares that this training may include… home study programs."

There you have it, our lawmakers say you can study at home! No classes to drive to, no sitting for 8 hours in class. No time to waste!


Is your time & money important to you? If it is Click Here To Order Your eBook


2. Why You're Wasting Your Money Sitting In Class

How Much Is Your Time Worth?                                  

Everyone makes different amounts of money. What makes us all the same is Time. Time is money for all of us.  If you own a restaurant your time has to be worth a lot more than let's say $15 dollars an hour. Think of the money lost sitting in an 8 hour class.I

But even if you are worth more per hour, let's look at the cost of your employees who need to take the test.
If their average pay is $15.00 per hour X 8 hours =     $120.00*
The cost for taking the class on average is                   $125.00
Lunch for the day                                                                 $11.00
                                                                    Total                $256.00

*(if you are paying a person an hourly wage while attending a class or you are a person who is not being paid while attending a class, everyone is losing money)

All of a sudden the cost of the class escalates when you add in everything.
And whether you are an employee paying this amount or an employer footing the bill, there is a better way.


                                                               The Answer is our eBook

 Again, we do not want to appear that we are discouraging you from attending a class.  Or that we are offering a way  to get around the system.  We Are Not.  You are being offered an opportunity, with the blessing of the State, to bypass the red tape and take a home study course in order to get your Food Handler Certificate...why not take advantage of it. 
And please remember, this eBook is full of information that will be on the test and tips on passing the test.  It's worth ten times the $19 for this alone.
And When You Take The Test With Us We Will Deduct The $19.00 You Spent For This eBook
Is your time & money important to you? If it is Click Here To Order Your eBook  

What does the eBook cover?

The eBook  includes all the information I've been sharing with my students for the past 10 years. In fact, the information is often even more detailed, more specific, and more clear about how to pass the test. (I've spent hours making sure to include every strategy, technique, tip and idea I know.)

Here's the table of contents and a snapshot of what each chapter covers.

Chapter 1 - The Secret to Multiple Choice Tests
In taking multiple choice tests, you want to keep in mind the basics of test taking: read the directions first and carefully, read each question carefully, and have a systematic approach to the whole exam. There are also some very specific strategies for approaching multiple choice questions

Chapter 2 - How To Take The Test
Stick with your first impression. This point gets a lot of debate, but unless you have serious reason to change, your first impression is likely to be correct. Second guessers start reading things into the questions that aren't there.

Chapter 3 - Tips On Multiple Choice Exams
A multiple choice test covers the same amount of material as an essay test, but the material tends to be presented in more detail. Be aware that multiple choice tests don’t just test basic knowledge, but also test students’ understanding and ability to apply that knowledge. 

Chapter 4 - The Best Way To Take A Test
Go through the entire test answering the questions you find easiest. If you have prepared correctly there should be many questions that are no challenge at all. Get the easy questions out of the way, and come back to questions you find more difficult later.

Chapter 5 - The Course Format
What the Course covers

Chapter 6 - The Course Overview
To work as a food handler it’s important that you have the proper training to protect the health of the people you serve. Personal hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation, food temperatures – all these things, and more, are vital to keeping food safe.
There are seven sections in the course. Once you’ve finished this course, you will be ready to take the Food Handler Certification Exam

Chapter 7 - Personal Hygiene
"Personal hygiene" means keeping yourself clean and healthy. The human body carries germs inside and out – germs that can contaminate the food that customers eat or the surfaces they touch. By practicing the personal hygiene habits taught in this section, you can protect yourself from being the cause of food-borne illness.

Chapter 8 - Receiving Food
In order for food to remain safe, it has to arrive safe. The receiving station is your first, last and only chance to catch unsafe foods before it ends up in your kitchen. Before accepting delivery

Chapter 9 - Food Storage
The most overlooked part of your business.

Chapter 10 - Temperature
Maintaining food temperature, measuring food temperature, recording food temperature – 3 of the most important jobs in any kitchen. And it’s everyone’s job, not just the cook’s.

Chapter 11 - Preparing & Serving - There’s no way to avoid it. All food, in order to be prepared, cooked and served, must enter that temperature range between 41º and 140º, where illness-causing Bacteria can grow. Your job is to practice safe food handling is to monitor the time spent in the "Danger Zone" and to prevent cross-contamination from other sources

Chapter 12 - Sanitation
The difference between cleaning and sanitizing.  When to clean and/or sanitize. Your cleaning and sanitizing tools. How to clean surfaces and equipment. The correct way to handle spills

Chapter 13 - HACCP
HACCP is the identification and control of the food handling process so that a safe product can be delivered to the consumer Retail food establishments are currently exempt from mandatory HACCP There are seven basic steps to an effective HACCP program

Chapter 14 - Practice Test Questions & Answers - English & Spanish
Nationally recognized exams are 80 questions, multiple choice and require a score of 60 or 75% correct answers to pass. That means you can miss 20 questions and still pass.  On a separate sheet of paper write down your answers.  Then check your answers with the correct answers at the end of these practice questions.

Contact Us - Contact us today to take the first step toward taking your test. Together, we will achieve your goals. If you are not interested in the fast track to passing your test and you wish to attend a class we can help you there also

Conclusion - The law says you and or your staff have to pass the test every 3 years (3 years in California, check your jurisdiction for local renewal requirements).

Glossary - Learn these terms and you don't have to worry about passing the test.

Mastering any one of the above can only help in your quest to pass the Food Handler Certification Test. In fact, it's helped many save hundreds of dollars and many hours of valuable time.  Just one improved approach or strategy can make a dramatic difference in your results.
Click Here To Order Your eBook

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